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The S.E.L. Rabbit Hole

I was looking in the comment section of a Serial Experiments Lain OST rip of the track, "Majixx", when I came across one of the weirdest rabbit holes I've ever seen.

The video in question is here.

There are three users, which are mentioned frequently in these "weird" threads, Water Beyza, Awake Soul, and Mercurio.

In one thread, Mercurio posted their email. I found it and sent the following message:

Hello, I am the owner of a small website. I am not linking the website or the page in question (for safety and anonymity purposes), but I would like to know if this email is still active or not. Please respond quickly.
I found it in the comment section of a S.E. Lain related video, if you don't believe me, here's the link to the video:
You appear to go by the handle, "Mercurio", so that's what I'll call you.
I came across this whole thing on accident, I'm not some kind of CIA agent, I'm a stupid kid online who found something interesting. Honestly should've stopped there, but curiosity is one hell of a drug.
Anyways I'm gonna stop rambling, here's some questions:
Are you related to ""? I've seen the website linked in the same thread I found your email in.
Can you tell me more about the experiments and gangstalking mentioned in the thread? (if you even know anything at all)
Are you a believer of stuff mentioned in the thread?
If you don't want to share this information on my website, that's perfectly fine, I'm just really interested in this whole situation. -GD
(Sent with a throwaway email provided by TRASH-MAIL.)

This investigation will be left on a cliffhanger until I either get a reply, or give up and try to find another lead.

UPDATE: Going undercover on the STOPEG forums via TOR to see what the hell is going on. I'm an Athiest, but you better pray for my soul, because this is some real crazy shit. If I don't update after this, I'm dead.

UPDATE #2: I'm alive!! Successfully signed up on the STOPEG forums. More info coming soon!

UPDATE #3: Release of updates and info may be delayed because I need rest for an upcoming Pride parade. On the other hand, I'm thinking of getting some Discord friends involved in this investigation, this whole ordeal seems too dangerous to handle alone. When I first discovered this whole rabbit hole I actually made a post on r/someordinarygmrs detailing how I came across this whole thing. I haven't gotten any replies or extra info, so I'm just fucking around and trying to find some more leads. Also, mini update on the whole email thing: Haven't gotten a response from Mercurio yet. Hope they respond soon.

UPDATE #4: Thought it'd be fun to read some of the weird shit from the STOPEG website. Please note that all of the stuff I read is not of my own word. That's about it for the night.

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